Toe nail fungus medication is often a private matter. For this reason you do not have the sounding board of friends and/or family to bounce the pros and cons of medication off of. If you have a severe case of toe fungus, then by all means consult your doctor. However, you may want to skip the typical toe nail fungus medication that your doctor will prescribe if your case is not all that severe or if you have not tested out a few home remedies and over the counter treatments first.

Why would you want to avoid taking a pill, which seems so much simpler in the end? Because the current toe nail fungus medication in prescription form does a little more damage to your body than the toe nail fungus in general. It's rarely a good idea to take medication when the treatment is worse than the disease. A rare exception might be chemotherapy treatments for cancer patients. Since fungus isn't quite as devastating, in most cases, as cancer it's probably better to save the medications for more persistent and resilient cases.


So what can you do other than take toe nail fungus medication? There are actually quite a few excellent topical treatments you can try at home. Many of these are available in your kitchen cabinet, some are available in stores, and other homeopathic treatments are generally available in either specialty shops that cater to clients interested in holistic healing.

What are some of these miracle alternatives to toe nail fungus medication? Glad you asked. One of the most commonly used (and believed to be most effective) holistic treatment for toe nail fungus is tea tree oil. You can either use products that have tea tree oil in them or place two or three drops of tea tree oil on your toe nails 3 times a day until the problem is completely gone. Direct application is much more effective though some people are more sensitive to pure tea tree oil than when it is diluted in soaps and/or lotions.

Pau d'Arco is another great toe nail fungus medication alternative. This can be used in the form of a tea that is ingested or a soak for your feet. This works as nature's form of an antibacterial and anti fungal treatment that works wonders without the side effects of the toe nail fungus medication that is typically prescribed by doctors.

You will also find a nice selection of topical treatments specifically designed to work as a type of toe nail fungus medication if you travel many holistic or homeopathic websites or visit their stores. You should be sure to follow the instructions on all homeopathic medications carefully and discuss them with your doctor. There is always the potential for interactions with other medications and/or treatments you are going through if even if they are unrelated to toe nail fungus. Doing this may very well eliminate the slightest hint of a need for toe nail fungus medication.